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Our principles

Recognizing the true role of trade unions in the development of society and the need for active participation in the decision-making process, the UATUC promotes the necessity of trade union activity in all spheres of social and political life in country the effects of which affect the well-being of Croatian citizens, primarily workers.

UATUC fights FOR:
• full employment and job security,
• fair wage for fair work,
• gradual increase of the minimum wage up to the level of 50 percent of the average wage in Croatia,
• elimination of all forms of undeclared work,
• social justice and social inclusion, and elimination of poverty,
• social protection and building of an appropriate safety network,
• right to health as a universal human right,
• quality protection of the safety and health at work,
• right to quality and free education and lifelong learning,
• right to life and work without discrimination of any kind,
• freedom of organizing and collective bargaining,
• right to information and workers’ co-determination,
• gender equality, and
• intergenerational solidarity.

We promote values of human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law and human rights for all. We want the society of pluralism, tolerance, social justice, solidarity and non-discrimination.

Pursuing its objectives and roles, the UATUC advocates and represents workers’ interests among others in a number of state bodies and state governing organizations such as:
• Economic and Social Council (ESC),
• Croatian Employment Service – Governing Council,
• Croatian Pension Insurance Institute – Governing Council,
• Croatian Institute for Health Insurance,
• National Competitiveness Council,
• National Council for Occupational Safety and Health,
• Government Asset Management Agency,
• ESC Commission for Wage Policy, Tax System and Living Standard,
• ESC Committee for Social Policy,
• ESC Committee for Employment, Education and Harmonization with Labour Market,
• ESC Committee for Legislation, Collective Bargaining and Protection of Rights,
• ESC Committee for Sustainable Development, Promotion of Economy, Energy and Climate Change,
• ESC Committee for Monitoring the Joint Assessment of the Employment Policy Priorities of the Republic of Croatia and of National Employment Action Plans,
• Economic and social councils at the level of units of local (regional) self-government,
• Advisory councils within regional services of the Croatian Employment Service.