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Women against poverty - protest activity on International Women's Day

Zagreb, 2 March 2017 - The activists of UATUC Women's Section, as well as other trade union women's groups, Women's Network of Croatia and CSO Roda – Parents in action, organize a protest action Women against poverty.

The action starts on 8 March at 9,00 in front of the UATUC building, Krešimirov trg 2, and a group of protesters will leave with a special bus to deliver their demands to the Ministry of Science and Education, Ministry of Labour and Pension System, Ministry for demography, youth and social policy.

The action warns of difficult social and economic conditions of women of all ages, where 96% of newly-employed women are employed on fixed-term basis, where women are exposed to sexual harassment and blackmailing at workplace, where increasing numbers of pensioners live below the poverty threshold, where women are paid less for the work of equal value, where there is a lack of creche and kindergartens, where the state shifts the care obligation for the most vulnerable groups, where women are denied there reproductive and sexual rights and right to free healthcare, where women are not protected from violence and where women are exposed to systematic discrimination.

We demand social justice. We will not allow further dismantling and reducing women's human rights. We demand from the Government to stop violating the Constitutional provisions, laws and international documents.
The central demonstration will be held on Zagreb main square at noon, where our demands will be read and wher we will send a joint message that we will not tolerate increasing women's poverty and demand Government responsibility and action.