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UATUC voices support to climate strike: there are no jobs on a dead planet!

Zagreb, 19 September 2019 - The Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia (UATUC) supports the protests and climate actions, including the Croatian youth initiative and strike organisers, to urge national and international leaders to come up with urgent solutions for the climate crisis. Government heads must bring specific measures at the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Summit in New York and honour their promises and obligations from the Paris Agreement.
UATUC supports pupils and students in their appeal to national leaders to honour their obligations from the Paris Agreement to limit temperature rise way below two degrees Celsius (and put more effort into limiting it to no more than 1.5 °C) by committing to a just transition toward green economy and society.

As part of the European and international union movement, UATUC is committed to low-carbon economy and society and demands that all targets of the transition to zero-carbon economy are fulfilled in a way that will be just for the workers in industries that will have to be transformed and who will otherwise suffer a disproportionate blow from climate change because they will lose their jobs.
There are no jobs on a dead planet, and this is why UATUC supports the Global Climate Strike. We demand from the governments to come up with strategies for just transition, to establish special funds that will support retraining for new jobs and social security of the workers, and to launch an investment plan for the transformation of the European economy that will also ensure quality jobs. These elements should also enter the Croatian National Development Strategy 2030, which is currently being drafted. Climate collapse can still be averted, but to do that we need to change the system now. The fight for ambitions goals and measures against climate change is the fight that puts people and the planet over profit!

I wish to congratulate all these young people who started the action to save our planet! UATUC supports their demands for urgent action and ambitious goals to solve the climate crisis. It is our responsibility to ensure that future generations can live and work with dignity on this planet. I therefore urge all our members, workers, and citizens to join this fight for our planet and social justice. Climate change calls for a different industrial revolution, and just transition is the only way to make sure that workers do not take most of the heat and that that all people benefit from it. Politicians have to start walking the talk. Only together can we make them do that! Young people, don't get discouraged by the cynicism and scepticism of the political elites. This is our last chance. Only together can we win this fight. Together we are stronger!, Mladen Novosel, UATUC president.