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It's time for OUR recovery – a pay rise and quality jobs for WOMEN!

Zagreb, 7 March 2017 - On International Women's Day, the Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia demands breaking the glass walls and ceilings which segregate women and men in different professions and demands full gender equality at the labour market, it demands quality and safe jobs, unquestionable reproductive and sexual rights and quality and accessible public services. It is high time to stop feminization of poverty and misery; it is high time for OUR recovery – women need a pay rise and quality jobs!

Each year we mark the International Women's Day, continuing the fight of the textile workers of New York 160 years ago, for workers and trade union rights, for equality and non-discrimination. Namely, the reality shows that gender equality has not been won, there are still numerous loopholes in our legislation which allows for the expansion of new forms of exploitation of women, impossibility of career progress when women are forced to show proof of their capability after each pregnancy, with increasing work on fixed-term or part-time basis, lower wages and poverty in old age. We recall that poverty is often depicted precisely with a face of an old woman!
We also recall that the World Economic Forum recently warned that due to slow efforts to close gender pay gap economic equality will not be achieved for another 170 years. Last year this was set to „only“118 years. Furthermore, The Gender Equality Ombudswoman in her 2015 Report speaks of 10.2% gap, i.e. a man in Croatia earns on an average around 10,400 kuna gross a year more than a woman.
Lower wages today mean lower pensions tomorrow. By closing the gender pay gap we would help reduces the differences and gap in pensions that condemn women to pension in poverty.

UATUC, as a workers' organization committed to gender equality, expresses also today its solidarity with all women. Women make up for a half of our trade union family and a half of the workforce in general. We support also our male colleagues who actively and in solidarity fight together with their female colleagues against policies of segregation and inequality!
We demand a pay rise, equal for men and women, efficient fight combating of violence against women, development of quality and accessible – in terms of price and geographical coverage – public and social services. We demand new quality jobs that will guarantee sustainable social security systems. 

It is time for us to organize. We call upon all our female workers to join us in the fight – by joining the union both female and male workers can be more successful in their fight for more just wages, and can jointly win a collective agreement as the best tool for achieving decent wages.

We call all our members and workers, male and female, to join the protest action by the UATUC Women's Section, trade union groups of other trade union confederations, activists of the Women's Network of Croatia and of Parents in Action CSO to join us on Wednesday, 8 March 2017 at 12 at Zagreb's main square to warn of growing women's poverty and responsibility of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

Together against poverty! It is time for OUR recovery – for a pay rise and quality jobs for WOMEN!
Happy Women’s Day!