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Pension system

The UATUC advocates pension system based on public pension system, which has to be able to ensure all the pensioners social security in old age, i.e. the pension level that will ensure a retired worker a modest, but humane and acceptable life. The lowest pension for 30 years of service has to be determined at the level of at least 45 percent of the average wage, and the protective institute of the lowest pension should also apply to current young workers, insured under the second pillar.

We oppose the increase in payment for private capitalized savings, i.e. the second pillar, and we demand that the capitalized savings for current young workers is a supplement to pension from the public pension system, as is the case in other European countries. It is unacceptable that the mandatory capitalized savings changes relations in the public pension system, by reducing future pensions from the public pension system to the basic pension (more precisely, social welfare for old age).

The UATUC has for years advocated the abolishment of the so-called privileged pensions (Members of the Parliament and several categories of other high state officials) and their reinstatement within a general regulation, i.e. equal conditions as valid for all the other citizens, which was finally done by the Croatian Parliament in early 2012.

On the basis of these principles and objectives, we advocate a comprehensive regulation of the pension system (instead of a series of partial reforms), which has to be based on a wide expert and public debate, but also dialogue with social partners.