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Bipartite social dialogue

Bipartite social dialogue is a dialogue directly between social partners (appropriate level of associations of employers and trade unions) as well as negotiations held within its framework. It needs to be emphasized that in Croatia, as a new democracy with relatively short tradition of social dialogue, social dialogue is not only collective bargaining but it also comprises dialogue and negotiations.
The UATUC strongly advocates the improvement of the bipartite cooperation with the Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP). HUP and UATUC have a similar organizational structure. Both organizations have also similar obligations to implement certain public policies where they have been defined as holders or co-holders of the concrete implementation measures and activities (e.g. National Plan on Employment Promotion). They also have similar interests and demands in some public policies (e.g. in education) etc. They are both affiliated to their European confederations (HUP is an affiliate of the BUSINESSEUROPE and UATUC to the European Trade Union Confederation) and take part in the social dialogue at the EU level, which also entails certain obligations – for instance, implementation of the European framework agreements. Another equally important reasons is a possibility of joint participation in the European projects (until 1 July 2013 through IPA Component IV, Human Resource Development, and afterwards through the European Social Fund).