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Croatian members of the EESC appointed

Zagreb, 25 March 2013 – Croatian Government has appointed the Croatian members of the European Economic and Social Committee, which are due to take their seats as full members of the EESC after Croatian accession on 1 July. Croatia will have nine seats in the EESC, evenly distributed among trade unions, employers and civil society organisations.

Croatian trade unions will be represented in the EESC by Ana Milićević Pezelj (UATUC), Marija Hanževački (NHS) and Vilim Ribić (MHS). Croatian Employers’ Association will be represented by Davor Majetić, while the two remaining employers’ seats will be taken by Dragica Martinović Džamonja (Croatian Chamber of Economy - HGK) and Violeta Jelić (Croatian Chamber of Trades Crafts – HOK). EESC members representing the various interests are all coming from civil society organisations – Lidija Pavić Rogošić (ODRAZ – Sustaning Community Development), Marina Škrabalo (GONG – Citizens Supervising Voting in an Organised Manner) and Toni Vidan (Zelena akcija – Green Action).